Physical Commodities Trading Platform
Industry: Commodities | Jurisdiction: Singapore




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Token Sale

  • Private Sale Start 15 Jan 2019
  • Private Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • Pre-Sale Start
  • Pre-Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • STO Sale Start
  • STO Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • Accepted Currencies USD, BTC, ETH
  • Offering Size 45000000
  • Minimum Investment 10000

Token Details

  • Token Name TC Coins
  • Token Symbol TC
  • Token Price
  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • Issuance Platform Polymath
  • Standard ERC20
  • Contract Address
  • Token Symbol TC
  • Registration Country United States
  • Restriction - KYC Yes
  • Restriction - Whitelist Yes

Offering Details

  • Offering Type Equity Interest
  • Token Benefits & Rights: Equity Ownership, Profit Share Right

Offering Terms Description:

The TradeCloud Token (TC Token) is a means for investors to purchase future services on the platform and to share in its success. TC Token will
have the unique feature of being an exchange of value for services provided by the platform, as well as being an opportunity to benefit from the future profitability of TradeCloud.

Unique benefits of TC Tokens
TC Tokens represent a true store of value, as they can be exchanged for TradeCloud internal credits.
Initial investors will receive bonus TC Tokens
We forecast significant growth in revenue and anticipate that we will be able to reduce the unit costs of our services.
TC Tokens will therefore increase in value, representing more services than at the time of purchase.
By being connected to the Commodities Web, Token owners will be able to access an increasing number of digital services
Tokens can be used to as loyalty tokens to promote increased use of the platform

Profit-sharing model
TradeCloud will pay TC Token holders a material share in the net annual profit of the company, for a period of 10 years from
issuance. This is to reward investors for retaining their TC Tokens. The payment will take the form of a distribution of mainstream
Crypto Assets to the investor – such as BTC and ETH.

Token Distribution Details:

Pre-Sale - 13%
Public Sale - 34%
Treasury Tokens - 50%
Advisors / Partners - 3%

Proceeds Allocation:

Marketing of the platform - 40%
Debt repayment - 6%
Acquisition - 19%
Software development - 25%
Early adopter incentives - 10%

Company Profile

  • Corporation Name Trade Cloud Services Pte Ltd
  • Company Type Corporation
  • Country of Incorporation Singapore
  • Date of Incorporation 01/01/2016


1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre, #08-08


Company Verifications

  • CIK#
  • CRD#
  • SEC#
  • CUSIP#
  • ISIN#

Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Simon CollinsCEO
Matthew BotellCOO
Mark CheongCFO
Justin WilsonCTO


Incorporated in Singapore - Company Number: 201622064N


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