Leveraging Smart Contracts Solutions for Real Estate Fundraising and Investing.
Services: Issuing Platforms | Incorporation Date: 01/01/2017
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Company Profile

  • Legal Name Envexergy, Inc. (d/b/a Realblocks)
  • Company Type Privately Held
  • Country of Incorporation United States
  • Date of Incorporation


43 West 23rd Street
Sixth Floor
New York,New York
United States

Company Verifications

  • Broker/Dealer No
  • SIPC Member No

Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Perrin Quarshie Founder & CEO
Matt Grierson COO & Head of Product
Naman Srivastava VP of Finance & Analytics
Matt Jago Marketing Manager
Colin Sheppard VP of Engineering
Roderick Gill Analyst


Name Title Linkedin
Joseph Stecher Former MD - Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley
Shawn Golhar Managing Director, Public Policy at Barclays
Christopher Fraley CIO, RealtyMogul
Stefan Martinovic VP Investments, Midwood Investment & Development
Fanny Zha Managing Director, International at Ground Matrix
Jon Zanoff Managing Director, Techstars
Bill Staniford Founder & CEO, PropertyShark
Vineeta Narula Faculty, Blockchain Research Institute
Alex Benke VP Advice & Investing, Betterment
Howard Rubin Senior Partner, Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP


RealBlocks Announces $3.1M Seed Funding -

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