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Spice VC

Disrupting the world of venture capital with the Blockchain.
Industry: Venture Capital Fund | Jurisdiction: Singapore



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Token Details

  • Token Name SPICE TOKEN
  • Token Symbol SPICE
  • Token Price 1.37
  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • Issuance Platform Pending
  • Standard ERC20
  • Contract Address
  • Token Symbol SPICE
  • Registration Country United States
  • Restriction - KYC No
  • Restriction - Whitelist No

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Offering Details

  • Offering Type Equity Interest
  • Offering Memorandum Click to view
  • Token Benefits & Rights: Equity Ownership, Profit Share Right

Offering Terms Description:

Token Distribution Details:

Proceeds Allocation:

From time to time, when there is a realization of an exit in one of the investments, SPiCE Venture Capital
will return this money (minus fees and costs associated to with trade sale that lead to the exit) to its token
holders. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible as to how returns will happen and return as much
money as possible to token holders without impacting the open market price of the tokens.
Once a realization in the portfolio happens, the net realized gains (the full realized gain minus expenses
related to the realization) will be distributed as follows:
- Until 100% of the original size of the fund is returned, 100% of the net realized money from any
exit will be used to buy back tokens from token holders.
Only after token holders have received 100% of the original size of the funds, the remaining will be
distributed as follows:
- 15% will go to the general partner’s management company as the carried interest to be
distributed to general partners as a success fee.
- 85% will be used to buy back tokens from token holders.

Company Profile

  • Corporation Name SPiCE Venture Capital Pte Ltd
  • Company Type Corporation
  • Country of Incorporation Singapore
  • Date of Incorporation




  • Phone 19725424284
  • Email

Company Verifications

  • CIK# 0001720284
  • CRD#
  • SEC# https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001720284
  • CUSIP#
  • ISIN#

STO Partners

Bancor Securitize

Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
CARLOS DOMINGO Managing Partner
TAL ELYASHIV Managing Partner
AMI BEN DAVID Managing Partner


Name Title Linkedin
BRENDAN EICH Inventor of Javascript, Founder of Mozilla, Brave
EYAL HERZOG Co-founder and architect of Bancor
LOIC LE MEUR Co-founder of Le-web and Leading investor
NIMROD LEHAVI Co-Founder & CEO of Simplex


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