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Industry: Real Estate | Jurisdiction: Israel




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  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • Issuance Platform Polymath
  • Standard R-Token
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  • Registration Country United States
  • Restriction - KYC No
  • Restriction - Whitelist No

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OpenFinance Network

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  • Offering Type Equity Interest
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Company Profile

  • Corporation Name Slice RE
  • Company Type Privately Held
  • Country of Incorporation Israel
  • Date of Incorporation



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Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Ari Shpanya CEO
Yev Spektor CTO
Matar Perry Investor Relations Officer
Tomer Ravid Chief Investments Officer
Thomas Ghaney Head of RE
Omer Amsel Head of Product
Henry Elder Director, Origination & Investments
Paul Monsen RE Strategy & Business Development Officer
Miri Shahar Corporate lawyer, in-house counsel
Shane Mcquillan Head of Strategy
Robin Chen Director of Cross Border Investments
Jeff Preston Director of Underwriting


Name Title Linkedin
Brit YongeCo-Founder LightYear, Palanti
James AlexanderSurveyMonkey, ycombinator alumni
Guy Zyskind CEO & co-founder Enigma
Omer Rabin Bain, Stanford GSB, Gainsight, Walkme
Omri Barzilay Media Advisor, Forbes & TechCrunch


No physical address.

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