A tokenized security warrant that entitles token holders to a direct investment in a fully regulated, licensed, exchange infrastructure
Industry: Exchange | Jurisdiction: United States



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Token Sale

  • Private Sale Start
  • Private Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price 1

  • Pre-Sale Start
  • Pre-Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price 1

  • STO Sale Start 3 Jan 2019
  • STO Sale End 30 Apr 2019
  • Token Supply 125000000
  • Price 1.00

  • Accepted Currencies USD, BTC, ETH
  • Offering Size 125000000
  • Minimum Investment 50000

Token Details

  • Token Name SEFtoken
  • Token Symbol SEF
  • Token Price
  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • Issuance Platform Securitize
  • Standard DS Protocol
  • Contract Address
  • Token Symbol SEF
  • Registration Country United States
  • Restriction - KYC Yes
  • Restriction - Whitelist Yes

Offering Details

  • Offering Type Hybrid Structure
  • Offering Memorandum Click to view
  • Token Benefits & Rights: Warrant

Offering Terms Description:

The SEFtoken Security Token Offering is an advanced structured covered warrant with the underlying asset being a fully licensed electronic Swap Execution Facility (“SEF”) in an existing FMI. Its fully licensed SEF derivatives trading infrastructure facility, which is being tokenized and offered as an investment security infrastructure asset to sophisticated and professional investors who are accredited investors under SEC regulations. The SEFtoken provides an opportunity for investment exposure to a security in an industry with high regulation and high barriers to entry.

The SEFtoken covered warrant will be issued by SEFtoken, Inc. (Issuer). The Issuer will be issued shares in Mercari sufficient to convert SEFtokens issues to Mercari shares. The SEFtoken will be a security pursuant to the Securities Act but is exempted from registration with the SEC. However, the SEFtoken will be a restricted security which means there will be a holding period of 12 months (Holding Period). On the expiry of the Holding Period, the SEFtokens will tradeable on Issuer-designated exchanges/platforms.
In accordance with the terms of the covered warrant encoded into the smart contract, the SEFtoken’s exercisable right to convert to Mercari shares will only be exercisable two (2) years after issue. The SEFtokens will expire seven (7) years after issuance.

Token Distribution Details:

Proceeds Allocation:

Mercari Use of Funds: Soft Cap (USD 31.25m), Hard Cap (USD 125m)

Held for the significant regulatory capital and additionally the working capital to further expand and develop the current operational eSEF infrastructure. Build and deploy the Mercari DLT Execution System to cater for T+0 settlement on existing ASIC approved financial products as well as development of the Mercari Tokenized Securities Market being development of the proprietary DLT platform for trading of financial products and tokenized Securities (subject to regulatory approval).

SC - 15,480,438, HC - 52,195,500
Legal and Regulatory work on regulatory applications for license variation, rule changes and other regulatory applications for the approval of the listing of the meta class of tokenized securities. Design and development of new product categories to cater for Australian regulated framework
SC - 2,814,625 HC - 8,119,300

Participation and joint venture in regulated market infrastructure projects in first world jurisdictions.
SC - 7,036,563 HC - 46,396,000

Investment in FMI connectivity for expansion of sales distribution into global markets for current and proposed digital products (subject to regulatory approval) and general marketing for the exchange infrastructure.
SC - 2,814,625 HC - 9,279,200

Company Profile

  • Corporation Name SEFtoken, Inc.
  • Company Type Corporation
  • Country of Incorporation United States
  • Date of Incorporation 06/12/2018


ACN 102 928 727 of Level 1
7 Bridge Street

Company Verifications

  • CIK#
  • CRD#
  • SEC#
  • CUSIP#
  • ISIN#

STO Partners


Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Brian PriceExecutive Director
Anthony WallerExecutive Director
Mitchell BrownChief Operating Officer
Weng Nian SiowChief Compliance Officer and General Counsel


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