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Flix Snip

Flix Snip offers premium, global, award-winning, curated short movies and series via app and video service.
Industry: Film & Video | Jurisdiction: Switzerland


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Token Sale

  • Private Sale Start
  • Private Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • Pre-Sale Start
  • Pre-Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • STO Sale Start 16 Jan 2020
  • STO Sale End 31 Mar 2020
  • Token Supply 1200000
  • Price 1.29

  • Accepted Currencies USD, Euro, BTC, ETH, CHF
  • Offering Size 1200000
  • Minimum Investment 515

Token Details

  • Token Name FLIX
  • Token Symbol FLIX
  • Token Price 1.29
  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • Issuance Platform Pending
  • Standard ERC20
  • Contract Address 0x96c645d3d3706f793ef52c19bbace441900ed47d
  • Token Symbol FLIX
  • Registration Country Switzerland
  • Restriction - KYC Yes
  • Restriction - Whitelist No

Offering Details

  • Offering Type Equity Interest
  • Token Benefits & Rights: Equity Ownership

Offering Terms Description:

– User Registry: Keeps track of addresses that went through KYC.
– Auditable: Logs historical information about the Token’s flow in/out from each address.
– Provable Ownership: Allows to prove how many tokens were owned by an address in the past.
– Rules Dynamic Transfer Restrictions: Ability to implement and/or amend transferability rules regarding the Tokens throughout the lifecycle of the Token.
– Dynamic Claims Benefits for Tokenholders: Mechanism to identify Tokens associated with shareholders registered in the share register in order to manage shareholders’ rights.
– Seizable: Allows Mt Pelerin Group SA to force the transfer of Tokens from a blockchain address to another blockchain address in case the Company receives an enforceable order of a competent authority and/or in the case of a loss of access.

Token Distribution Details:

Proceeds Allocation:

Company Profile

  • Corporation Name JSA Holdings SA
  • Company Type Corporation
  • Country of Incorporation Switzerland
  • Date of Incorporation 27/09/2018



Company Verifications

  • CIK#
  • CRD#
  • SEC#
  • CUSIP#
  • ISIN#

Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Sebastien PERIOCHE Founder and CEO
Arnaud VERLHACCo-founder




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