First Asset-Backed Digital Security Offering in Healthcare
Industry: Biotechnology | Jurisdiction: United States



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Token Sale

  • Private Sale Start
  • Private Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • Pre-Sale Start
  • Pre-Sale End
  • Token Supply
  • Price

  • STO Sale Start 19 Feb 2019
  • STO Sale End 30 Apr 2019
  • Token Supply 100000000
  • Price

  • Accepted Currencies USD
  • Offering Size 100000000
  • Minimum Investment

Token Details

  • Token Name The Biotech Electronic Security Token
  • Token Symbol BEST
  • Token Price
  • Blockchain Platform Ethereum
  • Issuance Platform Atomic Capital
  • Standard ERC20
  • Contract Address
  • Token Symbol BEST
  • Registration Country United States
  • Restriction - KYC Yes
  • Restriction - Whitelist Yes

Offering Details

  • Offering Type Revenue Share
  • Token Benefits & Rights: Profit Share Right

Offering Terms Description:

Token Distribution Details:

Proceeds Allocation:

Company Profile

  • Corporation Name AGENUS INC
  • Company Type Corporation
  • Country of Incorporation United States
  • Date of Incorporation 31/03/1994



United States

  • Phone 781-674-4410
  • Email

Company Verifications

  • CIK# 0001098972
  • CRD#
  • SEC#
  • CUSIP#
  • ISIN#

Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Garo Armen, PhDChairman and CEO
Jennifer Buell, PhDChief Operating Officer
Ozer Baysal Chief Commercial Officer
Julie DeSander Vice President, Business Development and Alliance Management
Anna Wijatyk, MD Vice President of Clinical Development
Sunil Gupta, MBBS, FRCPC Vice President of Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance
Alex Duncan, PhD Chief Technology Officer
Christian Cortis, PhD Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Finance
Evan Kearns, J.D. Vice President & General Counsel
Christine Klaskin Vice President, Finance & Principal Accounting Officer


Name Title Linkedin
Robert Stein, MD, PhDAdvisor
Hagop Youssoufian, MDAdvisor
Tyler Curiel, MD, MPHAdvisor
Mary K. PendergastAdvisor


We have filed patent applications around certain features of the payout structure for this financial instrument:
Creating this financing vehicle allows accredited investors to invest for the first time in specific development programs, rather than the entire company portfolio. This vehicle allows Agenus to fund specific assets without the dilution typical of an equity offering. Currently the only similarly singular investment instruments are royalty financings which have limitations. These limitations include but are not limited to, a. they are controlled by one party or syndicate; b. are illiquid; c. have no downside protection; d. require large capital commitments; e. open to institutional investors only. We have developed an innovative solution to enable the launch of the world’s first such investment vehicle (BEST Tokens) which could not have been possible until the blockchain technology became available.


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