Europe’s first legally compliant fiat, cryptocurrencies and securities exchange.
Services: Exchanges / ATS | Incorporation Date: 13/04/2018
| Pending

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Company Profile

  • Legal Name Moneeda AG
  • Company Type Corporation
  • Country of Incorporation Liechtenstein
  • Date of Incorporation


Landstrasse 37
9494 Schaan

Company Verifications

  • Broker/Dealer No
  • SIPC Member No

Company Management

Name Title Linkedin
Tino Cabero Co-Founder & CEO
Domenik Gerapetritis Co-Founder & CBDO
Andreas Eckersperger Co-Founder & CIO
Sabato Palladino Co-Founder & CCO
Christian Schönberger Software Development
Matthias Reckmeyer Software Development
Kevin Eberwein Software Development
Stefanie Ehrhard Head of Marketing
Michael Bröckl Marketing
Roy Frankfurt Community Management & Communications
Joerg Kundt Head of Operations
Monika Cabero Head of Human Resources
Hubertus Halmburger International Partnerships
Dr. Mares Askaryar Lawyer
Adrian GrafFounder Krypto Management Consulting KMC
Dr. Hans Peter Halmburger Auditor


Name Title Linkedin
Rainer Schaal Member of the Board
Tobias Schröder Chairman of Krypto AG
Patrick Martin London based Tech Investment Banker
Marcus Schmitt Founder and CEO of Copytrack
Dennis Weidner Founder and CEO Paranoid Internet
Alex Nguyen Former CTO of Zcoin
Florian Weber Chairman of the securities trading bank
Matthias Langer Tax consultant


Reg. No.: FL-0002.579.685-5
VAT-No.: 257 96 85


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